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Newsletters for Members - Rimstone Co-op publishes occasional newsletters from time to time to keep the members informed about relevant and topical news, and coming events. They are distributed by email.

Newsletters for non-Members - Rimstone Co-op is happy to distribute the occasional newsletter to non-members by email.

What is your email address? - To confirm or update your email address, or for non-members to be included, please contact the directors and ask to be added to the list.

The newsletters -
  • #26 - March 2018
    A Bumper 7-page newsletter, including lots of photos, with larger versions of the photos available in Facebook photo albums (see the links in the newsletter).
    Welcome - to 11 new members in recent months.
    NEXT Homeleigh Working Bee: 19-20 May, 2018.
    NEWS: M3 Shades of Death Cave property update, including great photos; and an article on the cave ownership
    Old Timers' weekend update - Details and photos of the work done, including: rubbish clearing, tip run, cave cleaning/washing, hand rail wire-brushing (with power tools), painting, old fridge disposal, SRT training route planning, power generator maintenance and more.
    Bowies Cave -Some information about another cave on our M49 Scrubby Creek property.
    Update on the last Homeleigh working bee (Sept 2017).
    FMClarity software now being used to assist with tracking and managing property maintenance.
    See the Newsletter for all the details.
  • #25 - August 2017
    NEWS: M-3 Shades of Death property update.
    30 Sept - 1 October - Homeleigh Working Bee
    Friday 15 September: AGM
    See the Newsletter for all the details.
  • #24 - April 2017
    NEWS: Purchasing M-3 Shades of Death property, and seeking funds to assist the purchase.
    Also: Scrubby Creek Cave and property news and the tufa terraces. Lounge Room project update (and photo).
    New director - Welcome Mark T.
    May 19-20 (2017) - Homeleigh Working Bee
    Events coming up: AGM.
    Also:- Homeleigh accommodation bookings via the dedicated and shared email address: accomm @rimstone.org.au.
    See the Newsletter for all the details.
  • #23 - June 2016
    Events coming up include: Homeleigh Lounge Room Painting working bee (July), General Working Bee (September). AGM (7th October).
    Also:- update from new committee chairman Darryl Pierce, and small increases toHomeleigh accommodation rates.
    Homeleigh accommodation bookings via the dedicated and shared email address: accomm @rimstone.org.au.
    See the Newsletter for all the details.
  • #22 - August 2015
    Rimstone AGM - Friday 2 October (agenda, venue, supper, etc. details are in the newsletter). June working bee wrap up, Lounge Room update, and Scrubby Creek latest (including a Tufa Terrace Project 21-22 November).
    Annual Rimstone fees now due.
    Homeleigh accommodation bookings via the dedicated and shared email address: accomm @rimstone.org.au.
    See the Newsletter for all the details.
  • #21 - June 2015
    Another Huge Homeleigh Working Bee - for a whole week. Saturday 27th June to Sunday 5th July. Come for the whole time, or just a small part - all helpers welcome. See the list of maintenance activities in the newsletter.
    Reminder about making Homeleigh accommodation bookings via the dedicated and shared email address: accomm @rimstone.org.au.
  • #20 - August 2014
    NOTICE of 2014 AGM - Friday September 12.
    Rimstone Cooperative 40th Birthday Party celebrations
    25-26 October at Homeleigh.
    Giant Working Bee Sept 20 to 28 in bedrooms 5-8.
    June 2014 working bee - full report with photos.
  • #19 - June 2014
    Working bee June 28-29. See the newsletter for the list of things to do.
    September 12 - AGM - details TBA.
    Spring 2014 - Scrubby Creek Weeding/Tufa Bank Project.
    November weekend - Rimstone Coop 40th Birthday Party at Homeleigh. Details TBA.
    November 29-30 - Working Bee and fire season preparations.
  • #18 - November 2013
    Reminder for the working bee 30 Nov-1st December, including a detailed description of the planned maintenance activities.
    Special Scrubby Creek Cave Property update.
    Homeleigh is NOT a dumping ground for pre-loved items.
    Special communications books at Homeleigh reception desk.
    Annual fees are now over-due.
  • #17 - September 2013
    Reminder notice for AGM 2013 - Friday 13 September, 2013.
    Scrubby Creek Cave Property news latest, and cave trip 10 Nov.
    Next working bee 30 Nov-1st December.
    Annual fees now due.
  • #16 - July 2013
    AGM 2013 Notice - Friday 13 September, 2013.
    Scrubby Creek Cave Property news - cattle, cave access
    and fund raising to finance the property purchase.
    June 2013 Working Bee report - new front entry doors, and stained glass panel in the passageway door - details in the newsletter.
  • #15 - May 2013
    Homeleigh Working Bee 8-10 June 2013 details.
    AGM 2013 Notice - Friday 13 September, 2013.
    Homeleigh grounds maintenance update.
    Scrubby Creek Cave Property news.
    Donations sought for Scrubby Creek purchase.
  • #14 - November 2012 
    Scrubby Creek property launch and update including photos;
    Homeleigh Working Bee 24-25 November details.
  • #13 - September 2012 
    2012 AGM details; Homeleigh property update;
    Scrubby Creek property donations and launch function;
    two new members welcomed.
  • #12 - August 2012
    Scrubby Creek property purchase announced and fundraising / donations requested;August Working Bee advertised;three new members welcomed.
  • #11 - March 2012
    Scrubby Creek donation form included; new smoke alarm system at Homeleigh; a few members have outstanding fees;
    is the tool shed door locked? Rimstone Bursary scheme re-introduced; four new members welcomed.
  • #10 - August 2011
    Women on Farms event coming soon; Buchan history and old Homeleigh photo; July working bee report + photos.
  • #9 - May 2011
    New mattresses throughout Homeleigh; Cup weekend Open Day and working bee report.
  • #8 - Spring 2010
    Open Day afternoon Cup weekend promoted.
  • #7 - Winter 2010
    Queen's Birthday weekend Winter Working Bee promoted
  • #6 - Autumn 2010
    Promoting Buchan; Homeleigh fireplaces and chimneys; new external electrical switchboard; new out-back light switch;  bathroom scrubbed; welcoming two new members.
  • #5 - July 2009
    New Member Information sheet is coming;
    announcing 2009 AGM.
  • #4 - February 2009
    Wildlife, snakes and fire hazards; plastering project and refurbished bedrooms; but no heaters please; is the tool shed door locked?
  • #3 - August 2008
    Announcing the 2008 AGM; June Working Bee report.
  • #2 - April 2008
    PO Box changes; Working Bee Queen's Birthday weekend.
  • #1 - January 2008
    Gas leak; East Gippsland fires update; door lock will change.
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