Rimstone Cooperative History

Also see Homeleigh (ancient) history.

Members and friends of the Victorian Speleological Association formed the Rimstone Cooperative Ltd. in 1974.

People have been interested in the caves around Buchan for many years and had stayed at a variety of locations throughout the area but never with a secure tenure. In 1974, it appeared that the owner of the building that was then being used by cavers for accommodation, the 'VSA Hut' was about to reclaim the land to erect a new house. Many members of the VSA were prepared to put money into the purchase of a place to stay, but were unwilling to channel this money through the VSA which at the time was not a legal entity. As a direct result, Rimstone Cooperative Ltd. was formed to be the legal entity, required to support the endeavour.

Later in the same year, the Cooperative commenced the purchase process of "Homeleigh", a former guesthouse and the original Buchan Pub. The final payment was made about five years later and funds raised from accommodation fees are now channelled into maintenance and major renovation projects aimed at improving facilities for both Rimstone Cooperative Ltd. members and their guests.

The Rimstone Cooperative is a Community Advancement Society registered under the Victorian Cooperative Act 1996. The society is run by a board of five directors, elected for two years (in two groups) at the annual general meeting, usually held in September or October each year.