M-3 Photo Gallery

This slowly growing photo gallery helps to show just some of the many features of M-3 (Shades of Death) Cave, as well as the property, and some of the history, maintenance and development. Click on any photo for a very large version of the same image. Further contributions very welcome. We try to acknowledge the photographer of every photo.

M-3 Cave - Spectacular formations and easy-walk access
in some areas for visitors
(Daryl Carr)
Geoff Rebbechi and Graham Shaw,
the previous owners of the property,
admiring both the limestone formations
and the height of some caverns.

The new roof over the
cave entrance, installed during
working bee 2019 (Daryl Carr)

The new roof over the
cave entrance (Neil Wilson 2019)

Daryl Carr painting the railings
to protect the iron work
for a few more years (2019)
More painting of hand rails
on earlier working bee

Some of the cave formations
needed a little wash
The very old cave entrance door
needed some maintenance.
Note the inscription in the
beam over the door way.