Rimstone Co-operative Ltd. is a community co-operative operating as per the Co-operatives Act 1996 (Vic), was formed in 1974 and is run by a volunteer board of directors.

Rimstone's primary activity - is to provide opportunities for participation in speleological activities for Rimstone Members, their families and friends (as recorded in the model rules).

Rimstone Co-operative Ltd owns a number of properties in and around Buchan and offers
low cost basic hostel-style accommodation in Homeleigh to Rimstone Members, their families and friends who are interested in the caves around Buchan or surrounding areas.
M-3 Shades of Death cave.M-3 Cave Shades of Death - Property purchase. The property which includes access to the infamous M-3 Shades of Death Cave is being purchased by Rimstone Co-op (April 2017). The tiny photo at right does not do justice, so click on it for a larger version. See more details on the new M-3 Cave page. You can help to secure this property and ensure its future. See the Funding Appeal details.

Scrubby Station - In May 2012 Rimstone purchased an additional property in the Buchan region.

Homeleigh offers to Rimstone members and their families: 11 private bedrooms ranging in sizes suitable to sleep from 2 to 12 people as well as a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, lounge area, communal toilet and shower facilities and a washing machine.

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