About Rimstone Co-operative

Rimstone Co-operative Ltd. owns a number of properties in and around Buchan and offers low cost basic hostel-style accommodation to members, their families and their friends who are interested in the caves around Buchan or surrounding areas.

The Co-operative is run by a group of five volunteer directors who are elected at the AGM (with terms on a staggered 2-year time frame), and who meet periodically.

"Homeleigh", as it is affectionately known, provides 11 bedrooms ranging in sizes suitable to sleep from 2 to 12 people as well as a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, lounge area, communal toilet and shower facilities and a washing machine.
Facilities include: basic beds with mattresses and pillows, but NO linen is provided, so BYO sleeping bag, sheets, blankets, pillow case.

Bedroom arrangements: Bookings are usually made "per bed", with the accommodation fee "per bed". When the facility is heavily booked, there might be a need to share a bedroom if there would otherwise be a vacant bed. Alternatively, you can reserve a "room" but you might need to pay for the other beds in the room.

Bookings can be made all year round for any number of people (availability permitting). Whether you are a group of friends, university group, commercial group or interested in speleology, everyone is welcome and encouraged to enquire about membership.

Please note that the accommodation is very nice, but it is not 5-star.