Rimstone events and activities

Latest activities (more details in latest newsletter):-
  • Scrubby Tufa Terrace Fencing working bee - 25-26 August. 
    Help Paul Brooker and Nicholas White complete the Tufa Terrace fencing on our own Scrubby Creek property.
    Please book accommodation at Homeleigh through the email address:
    Accomm  @  Rimstone.org.au  (you will need to type the address into your email message - we do this to avoid robot spammers picking up the email address).

  • 2018 AGM - 8pm, Friday 14 September. Venue details will be in next newsletter soon.
Other recent activities:
  • M-3 Shades of Death Cave property purchase (see details)
  • Homeleigh Working Bee - 30 Sept - 1 October 2017.
  • 2017 AGM - 8pm, Friday 15 September 
Other activities you might have missed:
  • Fencing of the tufa terraces at Scrubby Creek
  • Scrubby Creek purchase celebration
  • Several working bees over the years
  • November 2014 - Rimstone Co-op 40th birthday party
  • 2012 - Scrubby Creek property and cave purchase (see more details).