Staying at Homeleigh - how it works

What to bring - Homeleigh has a fully equipped kitchen and bedrooms with either bunks, double beds or combinations of both. However, it is important to remember to supply a few necessary items of your own:- sleeping bag and/or bedding, pillow case, towelling, toiletries and food as these are not provided.

Bookings are absolutely essential - We do not currently have a resident caretaker, so there is often no one on site and the buildings are securely locked. To make a booking for your stay at Homeleigh, contact the bookings officer by copying the following email address into your email program and sending them an email detailing your request:

Upon making a booking, the Rimstone Booking Officer will reply, and will advise of your successful (or unsuccessful) booking. If this is your first stay, or if any changes to policy have occurred, they will include a Booking Letter which contains some information regarding what is expected of you and of every other guest (ie. Terms and Conditions) - it is very important reading. All guests are expected to comply with the terms in the Booking Letter.

Please take time to view Homeleigh's floorplan and request suitable rooms for your stay in Buchan. Homeleigh landline number is (03) 5155 9520. Note that this number should not be used for bookings, enquiries or outgoing calls while staying at Homeleigh.

Duties for all guests - Homeleigh is run and operated by volunteers, and relies on the guests to help with the ongoing smooth operation of the facility. Every guest will be allocated a duty towards the end of their stay, usually by the MIC (Member in Charge), which needs to be completed before final departure (eg. vacuum bedrooms, mop out toilets, clean down the kitchen, etc.). These duties are distributed between the people staying, so it is a simple case of pitch in and complete the task quickly.

Payment of monies - It is essential that your accommodation monies are paid promptly. The Accommodation Sheet needs to be completed. All monies and the Sheet need to be sent in one package to the Rimstone Treasurer asap after the visit (or the cash can be banked asap - all in one deposit). It is not acceptable to have multiple Accommodation Sheets, or multiple bank deposits. If there is an MIC on duty (see below), then they will be happy to take your accommodation money. Your cooperation to assist our volunteer MICs/directors with the smooth running of these processes will be greatly appreciated.

MIC - Member In Charge - Often on weekends, and sometimes during the week, there might be a Rimstone Coop member staying at Homeleigh. This person will be the "Member In Charge" (MIC) and is there to ensure the smooth operation of the facility, and to promptly collect all accommodation monies from those staying at Homeleigh. The MIC is not a tour guide. They will be trying to enjoy their own stay in Buchan. The MIC's duties include being responsible for allocating clean-up tasks to be done at the end of the visit, and they will allocate a duty to every guest (see above). If there is no MIC on site, then the facility should be securely locked. So guests cannot simply turn up and expect to be accommodated.