Things to do in and around Buchan

Location - "Homeleigh" is located in Buchan, about 330km east of Melbourne in the South-East Gippsland region. See the location on Google map below.

The Buchan River valley itself is mostly grazing country, with expansive views around the locality, and even better views from the nearby township approach roads - along the road in from Bairnsdale/Bruthen, and the road from Orbost, as well as the road northward towards Murrindal (16km), which continues on to: Gelantipy (48km), Wulgulmerang (68km), McKillop Bridge (83km) and Jindabyne (180 slow km). The Buchan River valley has changed little in recent decades, except that the facilities for visitors and tourists have improved.

Facilities in town - There are some good facilities in the small township of Buchan including: the Buchan Valley Roadhouse (petrol and take away food), the Buchan General Store and Post Office, the Buchan Caves Hotel (re-built 2016 after the 2014 fire), and Buchan Motel. And there is a rest area and public toilets on the right hand side as you enter the town from Bruthen.

The Buchan Caves Reserve is located a short distance from the main street shops, and the Caves Reserve visitor centre and ticket office is abotu 1km further on. 

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Things to do within walking distance of the Buchan township

  • The Buchan Caves Reserve - The famous Fairy Cave and Royal Cave - see the Parks Victoria web site for details. Also special tours into Federal Cave. Also see the web site.
  • Bushwalking - Many possibilities, including along the Spring Creek Walk to visit the falls (in the Caves Reserve).
  • Visit historically significant points of interest around the town:-
    the Old Butter Factory, etc.
  • Visit the Roadhouse store, and the General Store, for take away food, petrol, general supplies and for more information and local tourist brochures.
  • Walk to The Bluff (the local swimming hole) on the Buchan River, about 1km upstream from the town centre.
  • Visit the Caves Hotel for a refreshing thirst quencher or meal.

Things to do in the region:

  • For serious caving as a regular activity, contact the Victorian Speleological Association (VSA), based in Malbourne -
  • Visit and picnic at the beach at the lovely junction of the Snowy and Buchan Rivers (4WD may be required in very wet weather).
  • Touring and visiting the Buchan area (at
  • Visit the Snowy River National Park. (see the Google satellite view).
  • Drive the Snowy River Drive (286km loop, rated 4WD difficult) and visit: Little River Gorge, and Tulloch Ard Gorge Lookout, and McKillops Bridge (the road is rated dangerous) and the Little River Falls in Victoria's deepest gorge. For Parks Victoria information about the Snowy River National Park and features, see their website, which includes: Raymond Creek Falls, Tulloch Ard Gorge Lookout, Little River Gorge, and the Silver Mine Walking Track.
  • Canoeing or rafting in the Snowy River.
  • Bushwalking in many locations in the region.
  • Fishing in the local rivers.
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See Homeleigh location on Google map: