Scrubby Station

Scrubby Creek tufa terracesIn early 2012, a 105 acre property just north of the East Gippsland (Victoria) town of Buchan was put on the market. The Slippery Pinch Road property includes the Scrubby Creek watercourse and Scrubby Creek Cave, which is a cave of significance. The property's pending sale aroused the attention of some keen cavers (and arm-chair cavers) who saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to protect the cave and related features.

Read more details about the property, and the cave:

  • "Scrubby Creek Cave, M-49" - a published article under the heading Conversation on Conservation, by Nicholas White, reproduced from Caves Australia No. 188, March 2012.
  • "Scrubby Creek Cave" - a published article by Lloyd Mill, reproduced from the ASF Newsletter 85 (1979).
Scrubby Creek tufa terraces
Scrubby Creek tufa terraces (photo: tba)