Scrubby Creek Cave
A Personal Experience

My first trip into the cave was in about 1967 and involved using woollen long-johns and a cotton boiler suit. I was made to carry the rope safety line through the sump. My first attempt had me reverse out and take my helmet off and swim with nose and one eye above water, so called "sniffing the breezes", until after about 30 metres, head room increases and one can stand up in the shallow stream. The stream from here was flowing over freshly deposited white calcite.

The whole trip was memorable and the only thing which has changed since then is that there are wetsuits and caving suits available which can make the caving more enjoyable and reduce the risk of serious exposure. Each trip I have done since still has provided the full gamut of anticipation and adrenalin rush as each new obstacle is overcome in this very exciting cave.

Author - Nicholas White

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